Light Fare
Kitchen hours: Thursday 5pm-9pm, Friday 5pm-9:30pm and Saturday 6pm - 9:30pm
Chefs Selection of Meats, Cheeses, Honey Comb, Berries, Fresh Dates, Dijon, Jam, Candied Walnuts, Pickled Onions, Water Crackers. Serves up to 4. Not Available after 9 Pm.
Hummus Crudites
Signature Garlic Lemon Hummus, Vegetables, Warm Pita (Vegan)
Za'atar Fries
Za'atar and Sumac Spiced, Garlic Yogurt Sauce.
Beet Salad
Warm Sliced Beets, Crumbled Goat Cheese, Baby Arugula, Aleppo Pepper Spiced Pepitas, Beet Juice and Au honey Vinaigrette
Tabouleh Salad
Parsley, Red Bulgar Wheat, Diced Plum Tomato, Scallion, Cucumber, Mint, Lemon, Sumac, Olive Oil, Traditional style.
Seitan Soy Skewers
Citrus and Soy Marinated Seitan (Vegan)
Chicken Shawarma Flat Bread
Roasted White and Dark Meat Chicken with Tomato and Onion, Grilled Pita, Garlic Yogurt White Sauce, Sumac.